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  • Adjusting to life in lockdown

    16th May 2020 by

    We’re in our eighth week of lockdown, and while it may seem like a longtime dealing with the current restrictions, it becomes more and more evident life won’t be the same for a very long time. While it may be dramatic to think of a world where we forever shop two metres apart, or constantly… Read more

  • Defying hate and toxic social media in Star Wars

    14th Jan 2020 by

    The public are getting more vocal than ever and with social media needed by writers like myself to progress their work it can be quite treacherous. As we all know the likes of Twitter and Facebook can become a pretty toxic place.

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I am a freelance journalist and writer, specialising in a range of different topics. Born in wales I have always been a passionate and creative person. My main specialty is film, tv and media.

Having studied both film production and journalism at University I have since set up my own website from which features written, video and audio content about film.

I love to speak to people, find new stories and speculate whenever I can. I’m a huge nerd, of course, with a passion for film franchises, having growing up on the likes of Star Wars, the Simpsons and Marvel.

Please check out the examples of my work on the features page and contact me via the information below for work/ freelance opportunities. Thank you.


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